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Monday, 1 February 2010

DAY 7- Murudashvar to Shimoga 200km

Murdashvar to Shimoga

Another early start, we seem to be riding around ten hours a day so far. Well we finally managed to keep the four of us together today. It was a 200km ride but an easy one. We saw jog falls which is the highest waterfall in India. We stopped for lunch there in an old quadrangle building of very small shops. An Indian lady cooked us two banana pancakes and an omelet that with three cokes and a good tip came to 90p. Local guys kept wanting their pictures taken with us while we were there.

 Every time we ride the locals are lovely they wave at us in every village and if we stop the kids crowd around. They want to shake hands and have their photo taken. They are fascinated with our body armour and keep touching it to see how hard it is. We were told that Shimoga is never visited by white people so we are of great interest to the locals; they probably think all whites dress like we do!!

When we arrived at the hotel the staff came to take our bags to the rooms, every one of them barefoot! The room was awful with sheets dirty from the previous 'x' number off guests, towels so grubby you would think twice before cleaning a floor with them. I left Andy in the room and went back to the reception. One of the organizer girls was at reception. I asked her to tell the guy behind the counter sheets & towels in the room were filthy. They sent up new (still grubby) but I slept in my sleeping bag liner with a travel pillow and used my 'emergency' travel towel.

Leaving town the next day was like driving though an earthquake zone or Beirut during the troubles there, except dirtier, unbelievable. Stories from people going out in the evening ranged from shops with no electric, just small Honda generators to people defecating in the street! The place was time warped.

thank you for all the recent donation, very much appreciated

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Richard said...

Thank God you took your 'emergency' travel towel :-)

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