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Thursday, 28 January 2010

1st DAY ENDURO- My Fourth

Sent to my family in the UK:

26th January/27th

So that everyone can understand what we put ourselves through each day. This is how this Enduro works. Everybody is given a road book stating your start point, the approximate distance of today’s stage, the destination, the important towns you will pass through and then a route planner comprising of all the sections for the trip.
Each section gives a graphic showing a bend or crossroads or t-junction etc. Next to that is the approx difference in km since the previous section. Then a written description of the graphic, for example 'remain straight on this road' then an approximate cumulative km reading since the start of the day. In Enduro rallies such as the Dakar a road book similar to this is given to each competitor each night for the next day on a long roll of paper. This roll is then fitted into an easily viewed display mounted in the handlebar fairing which is connected to the wheels so that it continues to roll based on distance covered.
We get a book which we put in the transparent map case on our petrol tanks. (Very difficult to keep watch on) We have to constantly calculate the kms run against the odometer of the bike to find our way stopping when the page needs to be turned. Now about the bikes, most modern day bikes have a rear brake operated by your right foot and the gear change operated by your left foot, usually one click down for first and then clicking up through neutral to second then up each time for further gears. We are riding bikes where the brake is on the left foot and the gear change on the right. Also the gears are one up and three down. As you can imagine this is enough to confuse but with false neutrals between each gear it is a nightmare.
Now the other road users, there are cows and dogs constantly appearing in you path. The locals overtake on blind bends so you can turn a bend and trucks are coming at you on both sides of the road. They drive on the left but at a junction you can be indicating to turn right and a local will pull up next to you and then go straight on! Expect the unexpected 'it's all part of the Enduro experience'. Our test ride today was to a great beach with a road leading in full of local artisan shops. If you missed the hippy Californian thing in the 60's come to Goa!

I would also like to say a huge thank-you to everybody who has donated recently towards the charities, much appreciated.



Anonymous said...

Just for a moment Megan I thought he had taken a scanner with him :-) 'Rich'

Anonymous said...

Love the odometer, sounds like something bilbo baggins might use !! 'Rich'

Megan said...

I think my dad took everything but a scanner! :)

Route Map - Click on map for intinerary

Route Map - Click on map for intinerary
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My Ride For The Trip
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My Usual Ride
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